The Law Office of Michael A. Bell in Lewiston, Maine




“Michael Bell and his staff were fantastic. They really knew what they were doing…Professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable is my best description of Mr. Bell and his staff.”

Gerard M.

“Mr. Bell represented me in a social security case. Through his diligence, he was able to compile VA medical records from two states into a complete timeline to show my disability progression. The prep work we did together helped me understand the process and be able to answer the questions the judge asked. I'm thoroughly satisfied with Mr. Bell's representation.”

Nick F.

“When no other lawyers would help me, Mike took my case and actually won my disability hearing. He was always polite, professional, and cared a lot about my mental illness and well being! He is very courteous, smart, and very organized. Thank you so much for saving my life Michael. You're the best lawyer that I've ever met!”

Giselle s.

“Attorney Bell and those in his office are very professional and good-hearted. All know their jobs very well and do their jobs very well. Attorney Bell keeps you informed throughout the whole  process. He gets straight to the point, whether he is delivering good news or bad news, which I appreciated.”

Paul D.

“Mr. Bell did an exceptional job with my legal case. If he accepts yours, you will have to work closely together. . . . . Mr. Bell will work hard to get you what you deserve and, in my case, more than I expected when I first walked into his office. His office staff: Susan (Paralegal) and Sherry (Reception/Secretary) are also exceptional.”

Nikki C.

“If it wasn't for your help, I don't know how much more of this particular war I could've handled on my own. I just want to say thank you & send my biggest appreciation.”

Sonja B.

“There are no words that could express my thanks - You took many worries away because I had trust & professionalism & knowledge from you & your staff. Thank you so very much.”

Henrietta b.

“It has been my pleasure and good fortune to retain Attorney Bell.  Attorney Bell, Susan Vatcher Paralegal and the rest of the staff were very prompt, kept me well informed about my case, and were always courteous and kind. I am grateful for their expertise and success.”


“You and your staff went above and beyond my expectations in handling my case. Your diligence in my case was expert and impressive. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff.”

Amanda S.

“Sherry and Susan were awesome. They were so polite, welcoming, patient and funny. Great staff! I highly recommend Mr. Bell. His commitment to my case was unbelievable. He did such an amazing job with such a difficult case. . . . This guy genuinely cares. Very professional and smart.”

Kathleen M.

“Everyone involved in my case gave me detailed information about the process of applying for disability. . . Any questions I might have were answered in a timely and informative manner. I was especially pleased with the follow-up after the disposition of my case. . . Thank you all.”

Catherine D.

“I am grateful and thankful for the professional service and the outcome. Thank you for all your hard work.”